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Police Department. How do I get the police check my house while I am on vacation? Call the police department at for more information. How do I contact the police if it's not an emergency? You can obtain a form from the Police Department.

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Call for more information. Have a question not answered? Create a Help Desk Support Ticket. Downloadable Documents. In December , the Pacific Enforcement Response Center issued a detainer, but the detainer was not honored, and he was released in December In January , ICE ERO issued a detainer, but the detainer was not honored for the second time, and he was released in May , and remains at-large. A year-old citizen of Honduras, who was ordered removed by an immigration judge in May , was arrested in May by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department for multiple charges including assault and larceny and booked into the Mecklenburg County Jail in Charlotte, NC.

A year-old citizen of Mexico was arrested in May by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department for assault by strangulation, assault on a female and communicating threats and booked into the Mecklenburg County Jail in Charlotte, NC. He also has pending narcotics and gun charges stemming from an arrest made by Wilson County in August So why haven't anyone changed this law in Mecklenburg county? I bet that law will get changed once one of the government officials kids get raped and or killed by someone that was supposed to be detained. Usually that is when they make shit happen.

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Its a shame too. The city got one time for something to happen to one of mine because they failed to follow the law and my family and I will never have to work again. It's a shame how the Sheriff's office have dropped the ball when it come down to these Immigrants. Why are they helping them?

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Do they not see that this person is a criminal? Do they know that they are putting everyone in Charlotte in danger by allowing criminals to go free?

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Sheriff Department is not going to like having lawsuit after lawsuit should one of these criminals harm someone else! Gary McFadden is incompetent scum who should be run out of office. He's got his head in politics instead of public safety. An absolute disgrace!! Almost all of the news stories on this say "sex with a minor.

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And he was on the street for 2 months. Pedos protect other Pedos for cash and prizes.

You got yourself a McPervert for a sheriff. What is reason the so called Sheriff is saying he released this criminals , or does he NOT speak of releasing these horrible criminals.

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What if they raped a member of his family, WHAT him then????? The biggest town in North Carolina. They don't even know what Sex belongs in what bathroom. Sounds like it's time to arrest the Sherriff of Mecklenburg county? He has violated the law more times than any of these perps and is putting the lives of the people he was elected to serve in 2nd place to those who break the law. What is wrong with the citizens of North Carolina that they will stand for this?

It is safer for everyone if ICE takes custody of an illegal immigrant in the controlled environment of another law enforcement agency as opposed to visiting an illegal immigrant's residence, place of work, or other public area. Arresting a criminal in the safety, security, and privacy of a jail is always the best option.